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Project Description

The concept for this Annual Report was to focus on the parent company’s main goal when branding its products, which involves consumers and the great outdoors. VF Corporation's portfolio mainly features Lifestyle Brands that are involved in activewear or outdoor sports.

The company prides itself on believing there is actual science behind how they market their products to consumers. I used that statement as my inspiration for my design work.

Project Details

VF Corporation

Graphic Design

For this project all the design work was original and for any asset that was needed, I designed myself. The idea was to design your own original take on the story and describe it through text and design.

Layout Design

Layout and typography design standards were meant to be broken for this project. The idea was to see how far outside of the rules we could push the type and the layout with still telling the story to the reader.

Creative Director

This project allowed me the ability to manage all tasks that had to be completed. I created a production schedule for myself with dates and weekly goals. Each week I made sure to meet those goals to keep the project on schedule.

Publication Management

We worked with various vendors in the city to get our books printed, cut and, bound. This gave me the opportunity to visit printing companies and see the process they have for printing different magazines.

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