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The Client

Urban Accents

Project Description

Urban Accents was a Corporate Identity project. The company was looking for a new identity and to have one of their products repackaged. Urban Accents is a spice company but, they also have organic popcorn in their product line. For the popcorn product, I created an all-in-one kit that was healthy and organic.

The kit includes the organic oil needed to pop the popcorn, the organic popcorn, and a white cheddar seasoning to put on the popcorn. The concept was that the popcorn kit was not only all organic but, also healthy for you. The portions are also weighed out to keep from eating too much and over-snacking.

Project Details

Urban Accents

Graphic Design

All of the design work done for this project is original. I designed the logo, picked the fonts and the colors used for each package.

Package Design

I incorporated the theme of the product into the design of the packaging for each container. Each color represents a different flavor of seasoning for the popcorn.


We were asked to re-brand this company for this project. I decided to go with a more minimalistic logo that still represented cooking for this company.

Product Design

The packaging that this product is my original design. I wanted something that could hold everything you needed to make the perfect batch of popcorn.

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