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Project Description

No Ketchup Magazine is a Chicago-based magazine. It has four sections, covering the northside, eastside, westside, and southside neighborhoods of Chicago. The magazine highlights new things to do in each neighborhood.

No Ketchup Magazine was created for my Art Direction class. I worked with other design students on the concept and design of the magazine. I worked as the Creative Director for this project and helped with photography, copy editing and production. I greatly enjoyed working as the Creative Director and hope to do it again.

Project Details

No Ketchup Magazine

Graphic Design

The images displayed above are for my section of the magazine. I did all my own Graphic Design work and research in my neighborhood. I visited the different areas of the city to get my inspiration.

Layout Design

Each designer on the project was assigned a neighborhood. The layout and design work for each section turned out beautifully. The magazine perfectly represented each designer and each neighborhood.

Creative Director

This project allowed me the ability to manage all tasks that had to be completed. I created a production schedule for myself and my team with weekly deadlines.

Publication Management

WWe worked with various vendors in the city to get our books printed, cut and, bound. This gave me the opportunity to visit printing companies and see the process they have for printing different magazines.

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