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The Client

GIG Energy

Project Description

GIG Energy is an energy brokerage in downtown Chicago. The client was looking to build its web presence and asked me to do a full Corporate Branding and build them a website. The client needed SEO on the website and Social Media accounts created to use for online marketing.

Project Details

GIG Energy

Corporate Branding

The client for this job had an idea for a company but no name or design concept in mind. After suggesting many different names we did a word tree exercise and found the name of the company. After that, I developed the logo, color scheme, business cards and began working on the website.

Web Design

The client wanted a website that was clean and felt easy to use. I quickly began to mockup different websites and we landed on a final layout. Next, I added different elements to the website as the client requested and picked images that were from Chicago where the client's office was.

Web Development

The development work for this site was fairly simple since the client was not collecting anything from the users except their email address for their weekly newsletter. I created the client a Mail Chimp account and connected it to the site. I also built the client's social media sites for online marketing.


This client was interested in getting the traffic analytics for the website so I built them a Google Analytics account and added it to the website. The client was interested in where its users lived, how old they were and what areas of the website were accessed the most so I built them a report they received weekly.

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