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Project Description

Affinix Analytics offers a data driven solution for it's customers and Recruiters to use while they are trying to fill positions. The portal was built by Developers, but lacked good navigation and usability. Users were having a hard time completeing simple tasks and were unaware of many options in the online portal. I was asked to research the issue and re-design the online portal.

I did my own user testing on the Analytics portal and spoke with people who used the online portal everyday. I asked them to navigate the portal while I watched and asked them what areas made them feel frustrated when trying to accomplish tasks. After speaking with a few users and analyzing the feedback I got I began to sketch up ideas for the portal. Once I had my sketches complete I began to mockup the new portal design in Adobe XD.

When my mockup was ready I shared the designs with the team and began building the live prototype.

Project Details

Affinix Analytics

UI/UX Design

I spoke with people who used the Analytics portal daily and got their feedback about what they liked and did not like about the portal. Then I recorded sessions with them using the portal and asked them questions when they got stuck. Using that information I was able to design a better user experience.

Responsive Design

The main portal of the website has an iframe that pulls all of the charts and data in from AWS. When designing for this I have to keep in mind that users use this from many different devices. Once the site was built I tested the site on many different devices to ensure that the layout looked good and the user was still able to easily navigate the screens.

Project Management

Once my designs were complete I put together a Development Guide. It included everything from the dimensions of the buttons, the font, and styles used to the hex codes for all the colors. I delivered that and closely watched over the development work as they built the site. My collaboration with the team and feedback helped move the process along.

User Testing

Once the site was built I participated in the UAT/QA of the new portal. I also conducted my own user tests with the people I spoke with at the beginning of the project. I collected everyone's feedback and made a few minor changes to tweak the product a little more to provide the best user experience. Once that was complete I signed off on the project and it is now live.

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